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Dedicated to a Healthy Legacy

Dedicated to a Healthy Legacy

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Border Collie characteristics

  Throughout the world the Border Collie bred is considered the brightest of all dog species.  Their ability to learn tasks quickly help make them highly trainable,  Their ability to learn and obey commands is extremely shocking, you will be amazed to witness such intelligence in your canine companion.  With stunning agility the Border Collie bred is unmatched in the areas of work, show and play rising above all other breeds to a certain class of their own.  

Our Diamond in the ruff


Diamond blu, our purebred border collie is registered with the Canadian Border Collie Association.

The offspring of a Blue Merle dame and standard black and white sire.  Diamond blu is a standard black and white collie that has one bright blue eye and one brown, hence the name Diamond Blu and with the best temperament i could ever imagine, makes her my diamond in the ruff. 

I love to take our border collies swimming in the warm months.  Diamond Blu is always the first in and the last out.  As for our garden hose, this must be her favorite pass time next to anything she can return to you, who threw anything.  Diamond is very energetic and her tireless desire to play fetch is endless.  In the winter months Diamond loves to pounce and jump into the deep snow diving head first all while playing hide and seek.  

Even though Diamond Blu has no formal training in herding her natural instinct is amazing,  once introduced to our family cat Diamond instantly began to heard Tatoo our domestic cat.  with the most gentle motions ushered Tatoo onto a cushion and lay next to the cat eyes transfixed on the placement of the cat. 

January 4 2019 brood


I am proud to announce that our registered purebred border collie Diamond Blu along with the stud  sire Shim who is full out working sheep dog, also purebred and registered with the Canadian Border Collie Association.

Their brood was born on the 4, January, 2019.  This new brood is made up of 5 female pups, and 2 male pups.  These adorable puppies are raised in-house, are in excellent health, very playful, very social and ready to be adopted by a good home. They will ready to leave on Mar, 4, 2019.

at 8 weeks the puppies were evaluated by a veterinarian and  their micro-chip, first vaccine and intestinal 

de-worming information is included in their health record.

I have been raising Border Collies for six years in a loving family atmosphere.

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